A Unique Type of Intimate Portraiture Session and Experience You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

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Instant Film Sessions


The Concept:

The classic look of real instant film. The pure, real, raw, and authentic you on the perfectly imperfect medium of analog film. A nostalgic throwback to the days when Polaroids were the only accessible and discreet method to take and share private photos. These sessions also have the distinct advantage of instant gratification, allowing you to take your photos home with you the same day!

No waiting for edits. No coming back weeks later for a reveal & ordering session. You leave your session with your photos in your hand and a smile on your face.

Emily W“I’ve been having some serious body image issues lately and after seeing my pics from our shoot I feel soooo much better about myself. Thank you so much for an amazing time! I hope we can do it again soon!”

About Me:

My name is Dan Maki and I’m a photographer based in Sheboygan County, WI. My driving goal is helping people unlock their inner bad ass by actually showing them how they exist to other people vs. how they see themselves. I’ve been specializing in this type of photography for a few years now and recently discovered how much I LOVE using Instant Film as a creative medium.

I’m a husband and a father (yes, they all know I take pictures of people in their underwear & no, they don’t think it is weird). I’ve been on this journey of being a type of photographer for ages as I realize it is the perfect combination of my creative mind and genuine desire to help people by making a tangible difference in their lives. I’ve found my niche and I’m so excited to do this for you!

Julienne S: “..so I had my fair share of excuses and insecurities that made me not want to do it. Forget that! There isn’t a single weird curve or imperfection in those pictures that I don’t love. It’s me. …I could go on and on, but I’m proud- SO FUCKING PROUD of who I am today. It’s raw and it’s beautiful and it’s 100% real. Thank you…for giving me the opportunity to see my own beauty- not my imperfections.”

Kelsey E: “Personally, I’m an extraordinarily self conscious person who has struggled for a very long time with body image. I’ve thought about doing this for years and have been scared to put myself out there…..I’m so happy I did it. This may sound strange, but there’s a real sense of self love after you’ve stood around for a few hours in your undies with a bunch of lights and a camera going off. If you have been thinking about this but are scared or self conscious – do it; for yourself, and no one else.”

Jenna S“If you would have told me I would be doing (this) 8 months after a baby, or ever… I would have laughed. It’s not often anyone catches me in something besides yoga pants and a comfy T. I’m a rather conservative woman most days. After talking to a few women that have done this, I figured why not try. This has certainly helped me love the skin I’m in, I’ve never really thought it was okay to feel ‘sexy’ but that only means I love myself….And so much love to the women in my life that encouraged me to share these. I love my skin thank you so much”

How it Works:

Sessions take place in a private residential studio located in a pleasant modern neighborhood in Plymouth, WI.

These sessions are done entirely on instant film. Your session will take around four hours from start to finish, which is longer than a regular session because the process of taking high quality photographs on film is slower and more involved.

I’ll be guiding you the whole way, fine-tuning poses, lighting, angles, etc. It will be a little scary at first (everyone is at least a little intimidated) but we’ll start slow, work through the jitters, and by the end of your session you’ll be rocking it and having fun!

When we’re done there will be 80-100 prints to choose from! Your retainer includes 10 photos that you can take home at the end of your session. You can choose to upgrade to 20 photos or even the entire set of 80-100 prints. Additionally there is an option to purchase digital scans of the entire set. Digital scans are included in the Black Friday deal!


$300 Retainer

(10) Instant Prints Included

Digital Files (scans) of Entire Session (80-100) Included (a $450 Discount)

  • Approximately 4 hour session
  • (10) Instant Prints included in a discreet black box
  • Hair & Makeup Not Included
  • No limit on Number of outfits

Additional Prints:

  • Upgrade to (20) Prints: + $100 ($50 discount)
  • Entire Collection (80-100 prints): + $250 ($50 discount)
  •  plus Mobile App: + $100

Courtney S“This is seeing yourself in a perspective you never have before. It’s very freeing and definitely helped me with self-image issues. Dan made me feel very comfortable!”

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